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About elm-conf

elm-conf is a single-day, one-track conference for the Elm programming language community, now in its fourth year. Thank you to everyone who helps make elm-conf US a reality: speakers, attendees, the talk selection team, and our sponsors.

Special thanks to Strange Loop for giving us space and time to put on the conference. It wouldn't have been possible without you!

General organizing principles

  1. A thriving community is built on diversity. We encourage people from all backgrounds and walks of life to attend and speak. To ensure that everyone is included, we follow and enforce a code of conduct.

  2. We assume you know some Elm already. Beginner talks, while great, are more appropriate for a general-interest conference.

  3. We cannot have a good conference without good speakers. We will take care of our speakers leading up to and during the conference and will make sure they have what they need to deliver their best talk. Speakers have the final say on their representation in published materials, on the website, and in their published talks.

  4. elm-conf is for the community. A conference can't exist without a healthy community. We will do our part by choosing our words carefully and kindly, and communicating early and often about difficulties.


  • Brian Hicks
  • Luke Westby
  • Emma Cunningham
  • D Pham