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Photo of Brooke Angel

Brooke Angel

Brooke is a software engineer at NoRedInk, where she builds educational software in Elm. When she isn’t testing Elm code, you can find her testing out new salsa moves on the dance floor.

Brooke’s Talk: A Month of Accessible Elm

Creating positive change can feel daunting. While many in our community care deeply about crafting an accessible web, it can feel difficult to know where to start, especially when working in a codebase where accessibility standards have been left by the wayside. Lately, I’ve been excited about the power of tiny monthly habits to create positive change, both in my personal life and in the world at large. I decided to commit to a small month-long habit to write only Elm integration tests that would help someone using a screen reader navigate the site. I’ll delve into the thoughtful Elm Packages that laid the groundwork for this project, resources I used when researching accessibility, and the results of my month of accessible testing. My hope is that attendees will leave this talk inspired to adopt positive habits of their own, excited about the ways in which Elm nudges us towards accessible code, and empowered to learn more about accessibility.