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Photo of Ian Mackenzie

Ian Mackenzie

Ian is the author of the elm-geometry and elm-units packages and is passionate about using Elm as a platform for design, engineering and manufacturing.

Ian’s Talk: A 3D Rendering Engine for Elm

Elm has some of the safest, friendliest WebGL support around, but has been missing a high-level 3D rendering engine - until now! This talk will introduce elm-3d-scene, a designed-for-Elm 3D rendering package for making dynamic, interactive, high-performance 3D applications such as games, scientific visualizations and computer-aided design tools.

We’ll look at how elm-3d-scene makes it easy to build up nice 3D graphics using intuitive concepts like shapes, materials, lights and cameras - no previous WebGL or 3D rendering experience required. We’ll explore the design principles behind the package, a bit of how it works behind the scenes, and some sample code showing how it’s used. And yes, there will be demos =)